SUNDAY IN SODOM by Jordan Tannahill.
 Performing in Lund 23 - 24 September

(From top left to right actors: Vanessa Poole, Kevin Benn, Michaela Palmer, Inna Syzonenko. /Photo credit @Tomas Lissåker - Smallfield Photo)

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"Vilken föreställning!!! Wow säger jag bara, den berörde verkligen!"


"djupt imponerad."

"Sunday in Sodom is a must see play! Visceral and gripping, this is an eloquent portrait of the human struggle, brought to life by a brilliant cast and director, staged perfectly in a minimalist set.

The power and beauty of live theatre lies in moments like these... I laughed. I cried..."

"It was so good and moving"

"Quite brilliant"

"Amazing. Impressed"

"This really was London standard of theatre"

"So simple yet so effective"

"Wow. Can't stop thinking about this".

"Such a strong text"

"Was a brilliant play and performance"

"All the cast were superb"

"Blir du påverkad psykiskt av att spela en sådan roll?"

"It really is a play of the moment".

23/24 September 2022

Sunday in Sodom 
by Jordan Tannahill

Directed by Matthew Short
at black box theatre Stenkrossen

1 woman, 1 family, 1 moment frozen  in time…

Playmate presents in English a powerful short drama by one of Canada's most extraordinary young writers.

A dynamic story of a mother’s attempt to keep tradition and family together, with a hint of Yiddish comic tradition. The longer she tries, the more unhinged life becomes. Past and present mix on stage in a world Western audiences see far too often on the news, a world of drone strikes and war torn communities.

Through it all, Edith is focused on answering her mobile phone and protecting her family – Lot, Sarah, Isaac and maybe even Abraham...

Playwright Jordan Tannahill, the enfant terrible of Canadian Theatre ‘takes fragments of stories from the historical record and turns them into plays for today, damning more than a few torpedoes as he goes’. This is a play for the spirit of our times.

On stage: Kevin Benn as Lot, Michaela Palmer as Sahrah, Vanessa Poole as Edith, Inna Syzonenko as Nana and with the voice talents of Richard Pates as Isaac.
Set & lighting design, video projection by Matthew Short
Sound effects by Rikoschett/Olle Nielsen

SUNDAY IN SODOM was first produced alongside BOTTICELLI IN THE FIRE by Canadian Stage, Toronto, ON, in 2015. Performed under licence from Casarotto Ramsay & Associates

*Together with the support of Bastionen and Teater Dictat, a percentage of proceeds from this production in Malmö will be donated to provide direct humanitarian support for the people of Ukraine.


Matthew Short is Playmate's guest director from the UK for SUNDAY IN SODOM: a director, writer, and dramaturg working in Skåne, Halland (Sweden) and Devon (UK). He graduated from the University in York in Writing, Directing, and Performance, and has since been practicing his creative craft and theatre skills with Teater Dictat. With his masters in Applied Cultural Analysis from Lund University, his work bridges the gap between creative expression and cultural examination.

...Playmate har hittat en nisch i regionens teaterliv som behöver fyllas. Med tre uppsättningar på ett år har Playmate Theatre fått upp farten och hittat publiken. Det ska bli spännande att se vilken riktning ensemblen tar i framtiden.


Watch our fun teazer trailer for the stage play Sylvia
by A R Gurney from 2020

” hilarious and lots of food for thought”
"Fantastic play, brilliantly executed! "

Playmate Theatre Malmö was set up in 2017 by three British actors, living and working in Malmö, hoping to fill a niche in the local theatre scene in Skåne. We offer quality English-language theatre, small-cast intimate plays, for Swedes and international audiences.

With  critically renowned, contemporary English-language scripts - by playwrights such as Alan Bennett, David Ives and Peter Shaffer - Playmate aims to produce theatre that has wit, repartee, passion and relevance.

Like all actors we have an enormous love of words, but there is no denying the value of entertainment to an audience and the power of a good story. Some plays just sound better in their native language. Other well-loved English language plays are perhaps unfamiliar to a Scandinavian audience.

This is your chance to see them.

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"Without danger Mr. Bardolph, there is no theatre!"

Lettice and Lovage by Peter Shaffer (2018)

"None of my business. I'm just an actrice. Kinda bright in here. Mind if I change the lights?"

Vanda Jordan, Venus in Fur by David Ives (2017)

"I'm not just gonna sit here and wait for the phone to ring. No fear... You see, the more you have to offer as a person, the better you are as an actor. Acting is really just giving"

Lesley, Her Big Chance, from Alan Bennett's Talking Heads (2017)

En föreställning i världsklass här i Malmö på lilla Bastionen med strålande skådespelarprestationer

Engelsk humor och satir när den är som bäst"

Inlägg från publiken efter vår föreställning "Lettice and Lovage" Playmate Theatre Malmö. (2018)

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